Different Types Of Breast Implants

Discover Which Types Of Breast Implants Can Be Used For Breast Enlargement Or Reconstruction

This article will introduce you to different types of breast implants and is written for informational purposes only.

You should keep reading if you want to discover which types of breast implants women use to enlarge (or reconstruct) their breasts in such way.

Before I go into details, you should know that I do not recommend using surgical methods for bust enhancement.

Read my following article dangers of breast implants to find out why I think so!

With that said, I think you will be better off by enlarging your breasts naturally. In particular, I suggest using Triactol as the best product on the market.

Two (2) Main Types Of Approved Breast Impants To Choose From

There are two (2) main types of FDA approved breast implants that women can choose from:

  • Saline-filled breast implants, and
  • Silicone gel-filled breast implants.

Both types of implants are used for breast enlargement or for breast reconstruction.

The way these inplants are used differs from surgeon to surgeon. Some insert them under your breast tissue, while others insert them under your chest muscle.

Certain surgeons place them both under the muscle as well as under the breast tissue.

Saline-Filled Type Of Breast Implants

Lets first consider saline-filled type of breast implants.

Saline-filled inplants can be described as silicone shells. They are filled with saline (water containing salt) either before or during the surgical procedure.

They can be shaped as »teardrop« or »round smooth«. In some of these implants, the volume can be adjusted to a certain degree once the surgery is over as well. Pretty handy in case you are not sure what the final results will look like.

U.S. Food And Drug Administration (link to FDA official website) first approved saline-filled implants (manufactured by Mentor and Allergan) for breast augmentation or reconstruction in year 2002.

According to FDA, women need to be at least 18 years old to use saline-filled inplants for cosmetic purposes, while age does not matter in case the implants are used reconstruction purposes.

Silicone Gel-Filled Type Of Breast Implants

The second type of breast implants are silicone gel-filled type of inplants.

These can also be described as silicone shells, but instead of saline, they get prefilled with silicone gel. Just like previously mentioned inplants, these too come either as deardrop shaped or as round smooth.

The FDA approved (Mentor and Allergan manufactured) silicone gel implants for breast enlargement and reconstruction in 2006.

Minimal age for cosmetic purposes is 22. There is no age limit for reconstructional purposes.

Cohesive Gel Or »Gummy Bear« Type Of Breast Implants

There is another type of breast implants that I want you to know about. These are so called cohesive gel implants, also known as the »gummy bear« implants.

In general, cohesive gel inplants are made from same materials like silicone gel-filled implants. The only difference is that the gel which fills the shell is much thicker than standard silicone gel.

They seem to have more advantages over the previous mentioned types.

For instance, gummy bear inplants do not leak into the body if they get raptured. According to some experts, they also hold its shape much longer than saline or silicone ones.

Up to date, cohesive gel or gummy bear implants have not been approved by FDA yet. The only way you can get these in United States of America is by enrolling yourself in a clinical study.

Safe And Fast-Working Natural Alternative For Breast Implants

In my opinion, breast implants should be used only for reconstructional purposes.

This is because there are many dangerous (health) risks involved with these types of breast enlargements.

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Whatever you final decision is, wish you all the best and good luck with enhancing your breasts!