Natural Breast Enlargement Foods

Which Foods (Rich In Phytoestrogens) Should You Eat To Enlarge Your Breasts Naturally?

Want to find out which foods should you be eating to enlarge your breasts naturally? This article is perfect for you then!

In my previous articles on this subject, I was mostly debating whether or not food can really be used as a natural breast enlargement method.

For instance, the following article discusses whether it is possible to enlarge breasts with foods.

One way of increasing your bust size with food is to gain weight. By gaining weight, your breasts will increase as well.

Another way of accomplishing the same goal (bigger breasts) naturally with foods is by eating food that is rich with phytoestrogens.

Read this article why certain foods can enlarge your breasts for details about the possible effects of phytoestrogen-rich food on your breasts.

In short, phytoestrogen chemicals found in the food listed below can act in a similar manner like estrogen hormone. Since estrogen hormone stimulates the breast growth during puberty and pregnancy, consuming phytoestrogens can also result in bigger breasts.

Prior to going into the details, be aware that you have a very little chance of getting noticeably larger bust solely by eating natural breast enlargement foods that you can read about below.

Although some women claim they managed enhance their breasts with (herbal) food as an enhancement method, there are no studies that would back up these claims.

In fact, most of them were using certain foods (and herbs) to supplement massages, exercises, creams and other breast enhancement techniques (I guess they were not as lucky as you are to get accross the following natural bust enhancement method!).

At this point, I have to bring up another important issue.

According to phytoestrogens and breast cancer, there is nothing wrong with moderate consumption of food that has high levels of phytoestrogens.

But you should avoid taking supplements that have much higher levels of phytoestrogens than found in foods, especially in the long run! Why? Because that can increase the risk of developing a breast cancer! Read the refferenced article for additional info.

Now, lets take a look at which food (rich in phyto-estrogens) is believed to enlarge your breasts naturally:

List Of Phyto-estrogen Rich Foods That Can Enlarge Your Breasts:

There are hundreds and hundreds of food sources that contain phytoestrogen. As you will see, all the listed food is either fruit or vegetable.

Three (3) types of phytoestrogen chemical classes are in existance:

  • isoflavonoids,
  • lignans and
  • coumestans.

Isoflavonoid Phytoestrogens:
Isoflavonoid type of phytoestrogen chemicals can be found in legume plant family. Fruits that belong in this plant family are, for instance:

  • beans,
  • alfalfa,
  • clover,
  • peas,
  • peanuts.

You will also find these kinds of phyto-estrogens in soy beans and other soy products.

Lignan Phytoestrogens:
Lignan Phytoestrogen chemicals are most typically found in foods that with high fiber, like beans and brans. Another high source of lignans is flaxseed.

Coumestan Phytoestrogens:
Coumestan Phytoestrogen chemicals are known to be found in different beans, for instance:

  • split peas,
  • pinto beans,
  • lima beans.

Another rich source of coumestans are alfalfa and clover sprout.

You can also read about using fenugreek as natural breast enlargment herb.

There are bunch of other natural breast enlargement foods (not just food that contains phytoestrogens) which is believed to enlarge your breasts. I will be covering more bust enhancement foods in future posts.

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